The key to provide optimal service: digital and omnichannel solutions.

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The provision of services, meeting the expectations of customers according to their needs, is a major challenge faced by all businesses. Nowadays businesses also have to deal with the capacity restrictions in physical offices to maintain the necessary social distance and avoid exceeding the maximum permitted capacity, this is an even greater challenge.

If the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything as consumers, it is that there is a wide range of opportunities and options for receiving services and acquiring products.

All companies have had to reinvent themselves and in the last year have come up with ways to serve their customers, with the mandatory restrictions and quarantines. However, it is becoming increasingly clear that the only way to be able to provide a comprehensive service and serve customers to meet their expectations not only with a specific product or service, but with exceptional customer service, is to have a truly omnichannel solution. Issatec supports its clients in every step of the process to achieve that.

With Q-Flow`s Omniservice Solution, companies can provide services in their physical offices and digitally, supplying virtual scheduling options, managing and controlling the capacity in the offices, and giving customers the option to receive virtual attention without leaving their homes by telephone or video attention. All of the above, maintaining control over the human resources that provide the services, keeping statistics of customers served, and maintaining the flow of service and an orderly service process. In this way they will be able to provide efficient and timely services.

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