Q-NOMY conference 2018 select moments: Q-APPS

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On November 2018, Q-nomy held its annual conference. Q-nomy’s partners were invited to participate in an event that serves to present new products, aligns marketing strategies, solidifies the partner community, and effectively kicks off 2019.

One of the highlights of 2018’s event was the emphasis now given to the Q-Market by accelerating the Q-Flow developers’ community’s production of new Q-Apps, which is a key goal for 2019.

Ahead of the conference, Q-nomy announced a contest between its business partners as to who would deliver the best Q-Market Q-App. The proud winner of this first — but not last — Q-App of the Year Award, was ISSATEC, a Q-nomy reseller operating in Colombia and Chile. Seen in the photo above are Issatec’s President and IT Director accepting the award, as well as a nice prize: a new Xbox One X. Well, we’re loyal Microsoft Partners…in gaming too!

In the course of the event, Q-nomy’s partners learned more about the growing importance we see in the use of Q-Apps for providing customers with perfect customer experience optimization solutions. To illustrate the wealth of software applications developers can generate for the Q-Flow platform using Q-Apps, we presented select entries from our recent hackathon. These entries made such a good impression that all partners asked to participate in next year’s hackathon!

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