This module allows the agent to make a programmed service through a video call to users, who from the comfort of their homes...

Users self-management

DialMyApp is an intermediary platform between your company and your end customers, which through an interactive digital menu allows users to self-service.


Ummanu is a technological platform that enables healthcare providers and payers to integrate telemedicine services quickly and efficiently.


Manages the interaction between the organization and its users, through multiple channels: e-mail and SMS through personalized messages.

Chatbot & WhatsApp

With Commbox we can centralize the communication of all channels, so that they provide an omnichannel service, and additionally, we integrate with automation processes.

Mobile App

The mobile application allows organizations to offer great functionality to the user, such as: locating branches through geo-referencing.

Virtual turn

This solution allows users to make an appointment prior to visiting the branch. In 5 simple steps, the user will be able to visualize the different service options.


It allows you to streamline and automate the process within the branches at the time the user arrives for care. By means of QR, patients can request appointments.

Herald Alerts System

It allows real-time alerts to be generated automatically within the organization and, based on business rules, the parameters and events that need to be monitored are determined.

Appointment Scheduling

It allows you to organize appointments between your consultants and users through all interaction channels, such as the call center, website, mobile applications, IVR, among others.

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