We offer a wide range of tools to manage the flow of patients, even from before their arrival at the reception to their departure. We assist in the management of offline processes, the diagnosis of lab results, among other functionalities, using the appointment scheduling engine to manage all the staff and resources that are necessary.

Our solution synchronizes these different workflows to provide a seamless experience for your patients; it eliminates delays and avoids incorrect routing or queue abandonment in the process. In addition, our digital communication tools keep patients fully informed before and during their visit.

We can also offer different end-to-end solutions for patient communication. From resolution of doubts in the processes, information through different online channels or follow-up of medical referrals from a single omnichannel communications platform. Patients will feel the constant accompaniment no matter from which channel they communicate (WhatsApp, Facebook, email, among other existing social networks), increasing their satisfaction with your service provider.

We even offer telemedicine solutions with which you can maintain the same flow of personal attention through digital media, including the management of medical records, diagnoses and relevant referrals. In addition, for administrative procedures we provide you with tools that allow self-management of your patients, focusing health professionals and customer service on more relevant issues and migrating your users to digital.

In the following videos you will be able to see in more depth how Issatec can improve your healthcare processes.



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