The main component of the Issatec solution for customer experience in the banking sector is Q-Flow’s Queue Management System. However, Q-Flow offers a wide range of modules that provide customers with exceptional and personalized experience.

Q-Flow’s Appointment Scheduling module allows banking professionals to plan their day in advance, instead of waiting for occasional customers without an appointment, they can achieve higher sales results and improve their overall performance.

Our solution offers the most advanced system to manage the flow of customers in the branch, simplifying complex procedures with multiple steps, and providing a better experience for both staff and customers.

Q-Flow offers a complete package of customer experience, by offering customized content through different communication channels such as SMS, email and brochure printing on demand. It also provides content through digital channels in the branch. The combination of advertised content with the information on processes ensures high visibility and contributes significantly to marketing campaigns.

Our system helps organizations to increase sales, efficiency and productivity of branches, to reduce computer costs, providing unprecedented information on branch performance to managers and optimizing customer satisfaction.

Q-nomy presents Appointment Scheduling Solution for Banks


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