OmnichannelCustomer interaction management becomes omnichannel with Q-Flow 6

Customer interaction management (CIM) refers to software solutions that manage communications between the organization and its customers. Although the term might be relatively new in the realm of Q-Flow components, the intention had always existed; considering the considerable contribution of communications to the customer experience, various messaging channels have been added over the years: SMS reminders for appointments, emails with personalized brochures and, of course, audio-visual communications via digital signs in the waiting room, are just a small part of the various communication channels that Q-Flow has been managing almost since its first commercial launch. However, CIM is currently undergoing a major evolution. Both sides of the B2C (business-to-consumer) connection expect much more from it: as businesses and consumers have access to a large number of channels, they expect to have the ability to use all of these channels including classic digital channels, widely used social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, and newer applications such as chat and messaging tools integrated into games. With Q-Flow 6, Q-nomy rises to the challenge and offers a specialized product: Q Flow IM, a package containing our most powerful omni-channel communications management software to date. Q-Flow IM can manage any digital communication channel and interfaces easily with new messaging or social media applications; it can combine these communications with our in-store acoustic, visual and print media channels; and it can organize and present messages to both users and enterprise customers, helping them provide quick responses. In addition, Q-Flow IM can extract information from dialogs to support business decisions and workflow (especially when integrated with Q-Flow PM – business process management) and to help assign appropriate agents to customers (when integrated with Q-Flow QM – customer flow management). With Q-Flow IM, omnichannel customer journey management takes on a new dimension, enabling companies to be much more transparent and responsive in their customer dialog. This level of interaction management results in increased customer recommendation and loyalty, and also provides an effective streamlining of customer service processes.


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