Every industry has its unique challenges, when it comes to streamlining service processes and optimizing the customer experience. Q-nomy offers a range of vertical solutions designed to meet these challenges.


Issatec’s integrated approach to patient flow, scheduling, and business processes, helps you orchestrate medical and administrative procedures – resulting in greater efficiency and superior patient experience.


Issatec turns your stores into the most effective tools for capturing prospects, maximizing sales and retaining existing customers by delivering an optimal, personalized customer experience.


Issatec lets you focus on high-value transactions, turning your staff into effective sales people, while streamlining the handling of ongoing high-traffic but low-value services.


Issatec improves retail store throughput by streamlining customer flow, enabling more effective interactions, and providing highly effective resource planning and management tools.


Issatec’s integrated service process management helps government organizations improve public service experience and reduce operating costs by streamlining front desk and back-office operations.


Issatec integrates service management with appointment scheduling, queue management, and digital signage software, which makes student interactions more efficient and friendly.

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